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                    ABOUT THE SCULPTOR


      I am an English sculptor specialising in figures of dancers, athletes, figures in motion and nudes.

  Most of my work is modelled in either clay or chavant and then cast in bronze in small editions or as individual pieces.

 At the wax stage of the casting process small details, such as clothing, are often changed so that each piece becomes very individual.

My love of human anatomy has always been of great importance and each sculpture requires a huge amount of research.

 Sculptures have  been exhibited in galleries in London and the United States and a short television documentary was made showing the creation of a sculpture from a dance studio to the final stages in the foundry. 

 For the last year I have been working on a large war memorial for King Edward Vi School Southampton.

 This is currently at the Talos Foundry being cast in bronze in  readiness for September 11th 2018  marking a hundred years since the end of WW1.

 I am currently based in the south west of France where I have my studio and am always willing to welcome visitors to view my work.

  If you have any  thoughts, suggestions and ideas about my work, please do contact me.


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